7mama is the best application that connects clients direct with the best-suited couriers available.

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Getting started

First after download 7mama app from the store you can register by two ways 1-by login with your facebook account that open on your device 2-by login with your google account on your device.

After use one of two ways

after sure your authorized data from facebbok or google 7mama redirect you only when use for first time to complete the required data from 7mama and then you have an account in 7mama with authorized data, after the first time when use 7mama for login 7mama redirct you to your account if sender or courier.

What make with your data

7mama use your data when you register as sender who need someone to delivered his order,7mama show your authorized data like your image and your name to the couriers,also when register as courier like this and you Finally, you are free to choose among the couriers applying for your request.

Finally your protected data

7mama protect your data and your orders with make you the free to choose from couriers and when you are courier to choose to apply to any senders. and finally you can delete your account by contact with as in the menue and Follow the instructions Or request this from the application.